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Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Social media marketing is an important part of your over-all digital marketing strategy and that isn’t going to change anytime soon. P1 Digital Marketing will help your business connect with your customers, build your brand and reach potential clients.
We offer a range of social media marketing services to establish your online presence, strengthen the relationship you have with your customers, and reach potential clients who are searching for your products or services.


Why Hire Us for Social Media Marketing?

The world is becoming even more digital in nature; and this increased connectivity brings new ways to keep businesses socially human in the online space.

More and more social platforms are emerging, however, which means it can be difficult to keep up and know where your business belongs in the social universe. Not every social media platform is right for every kind of business. But how do you know which ones are right for you?

This is where P1 Digital Marketing comes in.

Our Social Media Marketing Process

Our social media marketing services involve analyzing your audience size based on keywords, interests, and influencers, as well as defining your competitors across all social media channels. We then implement ad campaigns and create a content calendar that aligns with your company branding.

Once a strategy is in place, our team will work with you to manage daily interactions and posts on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, or Instagram. A lack of in-house experts won’t keep you from being where your customers are.

Clever Mix of Social Media Strategies

We believe that the best way to use social media is to utilize a clever mix of posting and engagement and running ads that are highly targeted to your specific target market. This requires a thorough understanding of your customers’ needs throughout all stages of the buying cycle.

Fortunately, we are experts at crafting targeted and high-quality content that attracts, engages, and converts customers.

Without an active social media presence, your business is doomed to fail. In fact, the rise of social media has been nothing short of astonishing in the recent years.

2 of 3 adults
use social media.

Facebook alone has over 300 million unique visitors in a day, according to Search Engine Journal.

If you’re not tapping into that potential, getting your name out there becomes a lot more cumbersome.

71% of businesses now have Facebook presence

59% of businesses are on Twitter

43% of businesses have a company blog for marketing

Whether you’re running a single campaign or managing your entire social media presence, work with P1 Digital Marketing’s social media team. We will help you grow your audience and get your followers talking. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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